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Sabatozzi Personal Chef & Catering is a family owned business that started in January 2012. My name is Christina; The chef and owner. As long as I can remember I loved to cook. When I was just a child I would help cook with my mother and Nonni’s whenever they would let me. When I married my first husband Tommy we continued our love by catering and having cooking competitions with each other until the day he passed away in 2007, after almost 18 years of our marriage. At that point, I knew life was too short and I had to follow my dreams. I started classes at the Culinary Institute Of America for my degree in Culinary Arts. Throughout my experience at the institute and traveling back and forth from Italy I have learned many delicious recipes that I can not wait to share with you. I look forward to cooking for you and your family, from my family to yours. 

Based in Dutchess County, New York


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